Urban Road Warrior Automotive Emergency Kit

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Prepare for roadside emergencies with this automotive-specific designed emergency kit, the Urban Road Warrior.

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Don’t be stuck on the roadside without the necessary items for an automotive emergency. The Urban Road Warrior Automotive Emergency kit is a streamlined roadside emergency kit. Includes items often forgot about when preparing for automotive emergencies, including a fire extinguisher, a high strength tow rope, and bright spotlight, plus much more.

Emergency Kit Contains:

(1) Backpack
(1) 30 Minute 6″ High Intensity Light Stick
(1) Tow Rope
(1) Automotive Spot Light
(1) Jumper Cables
(1) 37 Piece First Aid Kit
(1) Flashlight
(2) D Batteries
(1) Fire Extinguisher
(1) Solar Blanket
(1) Waterproof Poncho
(1) Swiss Style Army Knife
(1) Flat Tire Fixer
(3) Drinking Water Pouches
(1) Pair Leather Gloves
(1) Whistle
(1) Duct Tape, 10 Yards
(1) Utility Knife
(1) Emergency Instructions
(1) Help Sign
(3) Wet Naps
(1) Reflecting Triangle
(1) “Emergency Help” Distress Banner, 36″ x 15″

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 16 × 12 in


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